THOUGHTS ON PRAYER: A WING AND A PRAYER My oldest son, Connor, is getting married in 6 weeks. Consequently, I have been reminiscing over the soon to be three decades of his life. Connor is a loyal friend, witty, smart, friendly, handsome, and a man of faith. (I am not biased. I am his mom.) […]

Thoughts on Prayer; Book Signing

This Saturday! #thoughtsonprayer Southern Writers’ Festival – Local Author Event Special Event, Author Signing, Author Event Please join us as we host a book signing event for local talent! Pick up a signed copy of a new book! Paige Jackson, James Jack, Debbie Phillips Hughett, Yvonne Re-Shay Edwards, Vickie Dewberry-Tubbs, Hoppy Bishop, Toby Warren, Barbara […]

Thoughts on Prayer: Mercy and Grace

Thoughts on Prayer: Mercy and Grace I often hear the words grace and mercy used interchangeably. As if they were synonyms of one another. May I suggest they are not. The following is the “thought” I had on this subject while in route to church this morning: Mercy – God refrains Himself from giving what we […]

Thoughts on Prayer: Guest Blogger Cozinest

But God…I do love that phrase- I had been mulling over John 14:2 for a few days when I had the idea(I was unaware of the Holy nudge) to ask my  winsome and talented friend, Kim, to write it from a CoziNest perspective. I read her thoughts  through teary eyes. May this post touch you as deeply […]

Thoughts on Prayer: A Distressed Tree

A Distressed Tree “Your tree is in distress.” this was the greeting I received when I answered a call from my yard service about a year ago. It took a few minutes to process. I asked for clarification as to who was calling and what they were saying– exactly. He confirmed he was from the […]

A Bridge on Good Friday Colossians 1:15-20   Kim, thank you for asking me to be a guest blogger on CoziNest.   I am honored by your invitation. A bridge provides a pathway over an obstacle such as a river, chasm, road, etc. It makes a way where there was previously none. The bridges of my […]

An Interpreter

An Interpreter I was reminiscing about a past mission trip to Romania a few days ago. The focal point of my ruminating was my interpreter. I couldn’t have articulated anything to the conference attendees without her. My team was encouraged to meet with our interpreters before we were to speak.  When I met with my […]