THE LAWNMOWER   The meandering water cooler conversation took an interesting turn Monday. The typical discussion centers around weekend activities like sporting events, seeing family, resting, hobbies, on-going projects around the house, travel and so forth. The weekend of one compadre` captured my attention. Her husband had gotten a hit on his ad offering a […]


THOUGHTS ON PRAYER: A WING AND A PRAYER My oldest son, Connor, is getting married in 6 weeks. Consequently, I have been reminiscing over the soon to be three decades of his life. Connor is a loyal friend, witty, smart, friendly, handsome, and a man of faith. (I am not biased. I am his mom.) […]

Thoughts on Prayer: Guest Blogger Cozinest

But God…I do love that phrase- I had been mulling over John 14:2 for a few days when I had the idea(I was unaware of the Holy nudge) to ask my  winsome and talented friend, Kim, to write it from a CoziNest perspective. I read her thoughts  through teary eyes. May this post touch you as deeply […]


Thoughts on Prayer: Forgiveness Church service was really good this Sunday morning. Actually, it’s good every Sunday morning. This Sunday was on forgiveness. It can be a touchy subject. After all, hurting people hurt people. Who of us has not been on either the receiving or giving end of forgiveness?  Who has offered forgiveness only […]

Thoughts on Prayer: A Distressed Tree

A Distressed Tree “Your tree is in distress.” this was the greeting I received when I answered a call from my yard service about a year ago. It took a few minutes to process. I asked for clarification as to who was calling and what they were saying– exactly. He confirmed he was from the […]

Cleansing and Refreshing

    Today was one of those days where I could have been four places at once. All were important. All were beneficial. I don’t know about you but, I can get overwhelmed when that happens. It leads to over analyzing my options. Consequently, I usually end up staying home due to the fact there […]

Thoughts on Prayer: Off with the Old…On with the New

Thoughts on Prayer: Off with the Old…On with the New I need a new knee. I have needed one for about 3 years now; likely longer. I had it scoped about two years ago at an outpatient surgery center. My orthopedic surgeon said he would have replaced it at that time if I had been […]

Thoughts on Prayer

                                                                      HEARING       I thought I would continue with the theme of “Hearing  vs. Listening” this week because I have a few thoughts on it and a VERY recent object lesson from my personal life. The object lesson is at the end. (God has a sense of humor.) Have you ever felt off balanced, dazed, confused, […]