He Rides a White Horse


Revelation 19

Picture from Enchanted Nature.



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Thoughts on Prayer: Tears in a Bottle

I love how scripture in the Bible is multi-faceted.  Psalm 56:8 has been a comfort to me many times over the years. ( At my age, “years” take on a whole new meaning) It is comforting knowing my Father bottles my tears and writes them in His book. Therefore, when no one else is there to share in my joy, laughter, sadness, pain, regret, taken in by wonder, awed by beauty… He is. He literally takes note.

Recently, I came across pictures of tears taken with an optical microscope by Dr. Rose-Lynn Fisher which added a whole new dimension to the aforementioned scripture. As is often the case, I have been ruminating over this “Thought” for several weeks. Journey with me, won’t you?

Her study comprises photographs of 100 tears from onions to change. Though similar in composition, there were distinct differences, also. (See link below) Tears are basically made of water, proteins, minerals, hormones, antibodies and enzymes. However, they are unique to the one who sheds them.  If you and I were to compare our tears of joy, they would be as individual to us as our respective fingerprints. This is where the differences in composition begin.

Our tears tell a compelling, sometimes silent, story in microscopic form. This style of story telling communicates where words fail. These water droplets come from the overflow of joy, sadness, sorrow, delight, fear, peace, beauty, stress, anger and love (to name a few) being released from deep within. To the untrained eye they all look the same. But to God, I do love that phrase – they are not only distinct in their make-up but, unique to the individual, also.

Don’t you just love our God? He is the One, True, Living God. Nothing escapes His sight. Nothing is beyond the scope of His knowledge and care. Truly He sees, He knows, He cares. He takes the time to scoop up our tears, bottle them and then record them for all eternity.   Look through scripture for tears and it’s synonyms. Search to those who are recorded in the Bible for their tears. Hannah comes to mind.  Scribe your findings. Share them with a friend. The ensuing conversation just might be life changing.

Be blessed in the name of the One who takes the time to put each of your tear drops, from the time of your birth to the present, in a container and journal about them. He loves you with an everlasting love and is drawing you with loving kindness.