I  had the privilege of walking with Rachael through a portion of her journey. I am honored to call her a friend. Redeemer is my favorite word for our God. She is truly an ornament of His splendor. DPH               Read on…   I never was good at relationships. […]

A Bow in the Sky

I didn’t want to go. I was following what I sensed was a gentle holy nudge. As I parked my car, I noticed a small crowd had gathered just outside the building I was dreading entering. They seemed to be delighting in something just over my shoulder. I turned. There it was. A beautiful view […]


THOUGHTS ON PRAYER: A WING AND A PRAYER My oldest son, Connor, is getting married in 6 weeks. Consequently, I have been reminiscing over the soon to be three decades of his life. Connor is a loyal friend, witty, smart, friendly, handsome, and a man of faith. (I am not biased. I am his mom.) […]


THOUGHTS ON PRAYER: CHOCOLATE Hi, I am Debbie. I am a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and a chocoholic. If we were in a 12 step recovery program this is where you would say: “Hi, Debbie. Thank you for sharing”. I am “sharing” because I have been craving chocolate a bit more than usual over […]

Thoughts on Prayer; Book Signing

This Saturday! #thoughtsonprayer Southern Writers’ Festival – Local Author Event Special Event, Author Signing, Author Event Please join us as we host a book signing event for local talent! Pick up a signed copy of a new book! Paige Jackson, James Jack, Debbie Phillips Hughett, Yvonne Re-Shay Edwards, Vickie Dewberry-Tubbs, Hoppy Bishop, Toby Warren, Barbara […]

Thoughts on Prayer: Mercy and Grace

Thoughts on Prayer: Mercy and Grace I often hear the words grace and mercy used interchangeably. As if they were synonyms of one another. May I suggest they are not. The following is the “thought” I had on this subject while in route to church this morning: Mercy – God refrains Himself from giving what we […]

Thoughts on Prayer: Book Signing

Would love to see you there! It’s their Festival of Southern Writers event.

Thoughts on Prayer: The Last Bite

Thoughts on Prayer: The Last Bite I awoke before 5:30 a.m. this morning-sans alarm. I knew it must be Holy Spirit because I was thinking about “the last bite” upon awakening. Why, you ask? Great question. Who knows.  Maybe it’s because I have lost two dress sizes.  Anyway, this blog is not about weight loss […]