The meandering water cooler conversation took an interesting turn Monday. The typical discussion centers around weekend activities like sporting events, seeing family, resting, hobbies, on-going projects around the house, travel and so forth.

The weekend of one compadre` captured my attention. Her husband had gotten a hit on his ad offering a lawnmower for 100.00. It needed some tweaking to get it up and running again.  A gentleman from several counties over arrived Saturday to investigate. After kicking around deflated wheels and other parts, they shook hands and traded phone numbers. The new owner took his mower and left.

Her husband came in the house. He was not too forth coming on the details of the hours-long conversation or how he sealed the deal. So, as wives do, she pried. Imagine her surprise in discovering they lost money on the deal. He gave it to the man free of charge…

Once she fully understood what “free” meant, she asked a most logical question: “Why?”

The elderly gentleman’s son was a preacher. His son adopted a young boy. As  boys do; he grew. At some point, I can’t recall how, the adopted son killed his adoptive father. This man had chosen to take this child as his own. To rear this boy as his own. He signed papers. Paid money. Fed and clothed the child. Gave him a roof over his head.

The preacher’s father and boy’s grandfather now visits his grandson in prison…regularly.

The husband couldn’t charge the grandfather a penny after hearing that story.

Later in the afternoon, the grandfather called to ask his new friend a question. Seems he needed some wisdom. The grandfather asked the husband if he thought it would be okay with God if he missed church that Sunday. Visiting hours occurred during the worship hour on Sunday. He would be allowed 15 precious minutes with his grandson.  My workmate’s  husband assured his new confidant the Lord wouldn’t mind.

It was a divine appointment and got me thinking.

How like God is that grandfather. God had a Son. Though His Son willingly gave His life for mankind (John 3:16-17), it cost the life of His Son, nevertheless. Through that death He (God) was able to reach out to us in a way which had never been possible before. He was able to extend love, compassion and mercy to us at a level which had never existed. We haven’t earned it. We don’t deserve it. Neither does that grandson. But, by the giver’s freewill these graces are extended.

That grandfather’s faithfulness to demonstrate the love, compassion and mercy of God to his grandson painted a vivid picture of what God did through His Son, Jesus, for me.

One last thing. The grandfather had written a YouTube address where his new buddy could find sermons by his deceased son. The link took him to a sermon on “Aha Moments”. The text was Luke 15:11-32.



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