A Bow in the Sky


I didn’t want to go. I was following what I sensed was a gentle holy nudge. As I parked my car, I noticed a small crowd had gathered just outside the building I was dreading entering. They seemed to be delighting in something just over my shoulder. I turned. There it was. A beautiful view of 3/4 of a rainbow. A young friend informed me of its size. I immediately recalled His promise found in Genesis. Rainbows always remind me He is faithful to His promises. Seeing His bow in the sky never fails to be a serendipitous surprise.  He promised.  I gasped. I always do. I sensed He was up to something. But, what…

I entered the meeting skeptical. I have been to many of these types over the years and thought I knew what to expect. I even mentioned my years of experience to the pastor leading this gathering. As the evening’s events came to an end, the three folks sitting at my table chatted a bit. The lady to my right confessed she was 70. She didn’t look 70. I can only hope I age as well. She confided she had been in church most of her life. She recently realized she and Jesus didn’t know one another. She had just become a Christian and this was all so very knew to her. I could relate to her story. My own story is that of a recovering Pharisee. I was in church and a real good person but, I didn’t know Him. Knew about Him but, didn’t know Him. Walked an aisle at nine but, didn’t surrender to His wooing until my 30’s. Life is definitely messier now but, so much more joyous, loving and free. The young man to my left had just met Jesus. He was fully delivered of addiction the night he came to Jesus. Said he could feel the chains falling off of him. He and I shared similar giftings and personaltiy traits… God love him. He tends to have the gifting of speaking the right word at just the right time. Kind of prophetic, if you will. My new young friend who informed me of the size of the rainbow earlier, popped over to oooh and awe over the few pictures I captured of it. She also shared with the young man and myself she had been drawing rainbows all week. I mentioned how cool it was that God painted one for her on the canvas of His sky. She gave me a big hug. One of several I received from that 9 year old young lady. She also pointed out what I was calling purple was actually lavendar. The young man beamed, looked me in the eyes and commented, “The rainbow means the storm is over.” I knew, that I knew, that I knew in that moment I had indeed followed the holy nudge of the Spirit of the One True and Living God to that meeting. His words washed over my dry, weary and parched soul. My eyes began to puddle up to the rims with tears. I thought they were going to overflow their boundry and run down my cheeks. It was the “now” word I so needed to hear.

He promised. I cried. I almost always do.


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