Wear the T-Shirt


I attend a Wednesday night prayer group my pastor co-leads. It is open to the entire congregation. One evening, before the meeting began, two of the attendees were having a conversation about road trips. The genisis of this conversation was the T-shirt one of them was wearing. The T-shirt wearing member was asked when he’d been to a particular watering-hole out West. Surprised, Mr. T-Shirt inquired as to how this person knew. She indicated it was by the T-Shirt he was wearing.  I delighted in the innocence and lack of self-awareness of my T-Shirt wearing friend. The inquiring friend was also unjaded in her question. She was genuinely interested in his travels.

I have been ruminating over their conversation for about a year now. I find a question keeps popping into my head: “What if we all wore out T-shirts to church?” What would they look like? What would they reveal about us and who we really are? What if we showed up in them without pretense, just as we are…where we are?


Would we be as unaware, unashamed and welcomed as my friend was? Would we feel free and invited to join in praying for one another as my friend did? Believe me, when I tell you would want this six foot five inch +/- former marine and gentle giant of a man praying for you. What story would our T-Shirts tell of where we had been? Of how we got from there to here? 

Imagine what fellowship would be like if we all wore our T-shirts to church this Sunday…and every Sunday thereafter. Imagine the reconciliations which would take place. Imagine the restorations among families, friends and fellow Christ-followers. Imagine the healings on all levels and of all kinds taking place, just because we were our T-shirts. Imagine others, from outside the church walls, showing up in their T-Shirts.  Kinda sounds like revival doesn’t it?     Imagine….


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