wp-1450924632785.jpegSeven and half years ago a life altering event left me hopeless. For three consecutive weeks, I told the Lord it was okay with me if I didn’t awake the next morning, if it were okay with him. There is a song entitled, “Thank God for Unanswered Prayers”. Looking back, I am indeed thankful.

Toward the end of that three-week period, I awoke to find I was no longer grieving. In fact, I was happy. Not a circumstantial happiness but, something much deeper. Something more akin to joy and contentment.  I began to understand a simple truth on a deeper more experiential level.  It has taken seven and a half years to attempt articulating how deeply this truth reverberates through my soul.

Each day is a gift. Freely offered to us by God, the creator and possessor of heaven and earth and all they contain.  Genesis 1:3-5 The first day  God created began with evening. Darkness. But God-I do love that phrase, didn’t stop there. He ended that first day with light. What a gift. He doesn’t leave us in despair, confusion and groping to find our way but, provides light to show us the way to Him.


In much the same way a day silently dawns, I began to awaken to a new realization: Each day is fresh. It has never existed before. (No matter how similar one day might seem to next) Each dawn offers the opportunity to try again. What a priceless treasure. It is wrapped in the Lord’s steadfast love and ceaseless mercies. Every day you awake these are made available to you through the gift of a new day. Truly His faithfulness is great. Lamentations 3:22-23


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