Thoughts on Prayer: Okay! Let’s Pray!

May we understand the times and season we are in…

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Thoughts on Prayer: Okay! Let’s Pray!

 It is the turn of the century and I find myself in a place I have never been. It is as though I literally popped in.  I am not familiar with the geography, culture, architecture, or fashion. I look to my right and left. The bend in the road prevents me from seeing too far into the distance in either direction.  I am in a town built on a hill. The entrances to the buildings and homes are directly off the street. There are no sidewalks; just a gravelly sandy road. I can taste its grittiness in my mouth. My geographical reference point for sand is either the beach or the desert. But, this city with its flat-top roofs is built on sand. I search my mental files for a coastal locale to place this village. Nothing. Perhaps it is because the sand doesn’t taste…

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