Thoughts on Prayer: The Last Bite

Thoughts on Prayer: The Last Bite

I awoke before 5:30 a.m. this morning-sans alarm. I knew it must be Holy Spirit because I was thinking about “the last bite” upon awakening. Why, you ask? Great question. Who knows.  Maybe it’s because I have lost two dress sizes.  Anyway, this blog is not about weight loss tips or ramblings. Well, it is about ramblings a.k.a. musings on prayer…

Last bite 2

My pre dawn  thoughts on “the last bite” were more about savoring it. You know close your eyes and slowly with  deliberation lick the spoon kind of delicious last bite. The eyes roll into the back of your head as your taste buds delight in your succulent choice of cuisine. Your fork/spoon/fingers are pristine in their cleanliness-after each morsel of food is ingested.  You don’t want the moment to end. That’s it!  That’s what is so special and enjoyable about the last bite, isn’t it? You know it can’t last. You know once the last crumb is licked off your eating utensil of choice– it’s over. It’s fleeting.  So you take smaller portions, slow down, and relish the moment. An exceptional meal isn’t the only time we have a “last bite” experience, is it?

There are moments with family, friends, and loved ones. The laughter of a child is a moment I savor. I love to hear my sons having conversation and really listening to each other. I cherish those moments.  There are flowers which bloom only at specific times. Sunsets, rainbows,  shooting stars, and flying turkeys can be missed if we aren’t at the right place and the right time…if we aren’t present. If we aren’t in the moment, we can overlook some wonderful people and events this side of Heaven.

Moon Flower

(The Moon Flower only blooms at night)

There is another occasion from which I derive joy: communion. I love the celebration of friends and family over a meal. Communion isn’t something to be rushed. The food maybe simple in type and preparation but, it isn’t necessarily picked up at your local drive-thru. At this meal everyone brings their favorite dish. Some folks even have a signature dish. They know they cannot attend without it. Conversation is real, intimate, and genuine. If you sit back to eaves drop, you will hear laughter, whispers,  loud “discussions”, sighing, and silence. The clinking of glasses, the clanging of pots and dishes, and the scraping of forks on plates for the final crumb provide the  music for this event. You will see twinkling eyes, tear rimmed eyes, bear hugs, broad smiles, and belts being loosened a notch-or two- due to that extra helping of gastronomical goodness. It is a time where family connects. Past grievances are aired. Forgiveness is sought, extended, and received. Words of love and affirmation are voiced…out loud. Communion is rare and therefore, to be savored.


Jesus had this type of meal. You may know it as the Last Supper/Passover(Luke 22). The next time your faith family celebrates communion, I hope you’ll take the time to pause, reflect, and meditate on all Christ has done to make the way possible for your heavenly Father to reach you. Cherish the moment. Really take it in.   There is coming a time when we will have one eternity to share a meal together. What a hullabloo(that’s Deep South for party) that will be! Jesus will be at the head of the table ( at least in my vision). He will bless the food and begin passing it around.There will be all kinds of music and musical instruments. Each place setting will be unique to the person for whom it was prepared. It will be the party to end all parties.  The stories told by those in attendance will reverberate for eons.  Anyone who wants a place at his banqueting table will have one. And…yes, you will want to savor the last bite.


Author: Thoughts on Prayer: A Journey in the Land of  Father’s Love.







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