Thoughts on Prayer: A Distressed Tree

A Distressed Tree

“Your tree is in distress.” this was the greeting I received when I answered a call from my yard service about a year ago. It took a few minutes to process. I asked for clarification as to who was calling and what they were saying– exactly. He confirmed he was from the yard service and my tree was suffering. I didn’t know a tree could be in distress. It can. As a matter of fact, I was informed, it was in the process of dying.

Tree in Distress

I voiced my concern over the tree. It was smaller than the one in the front yard. The tree service guy nailed the problem: my small nigh-unto-death tree was staked to wrought iron posts. In the beginning of its growth being braced was necessary. However, it had reached a point in its development where being buttressed was hurting its progress.

Tree in Distress 1

 It was trying to grow big and tall…like trees are supposed to. My desire was the same. I wanted a big healthy shade tree with strong branches to hold bird feeders and provide human shelter in sweltering summer sun. However, my way was harming the tree. What to do? Yard service guy suggested I cut the cords and see what happens. There was nothing more to be done. So, with a deep breath of faith, I did.

Tree in Distress3I also wrapped the trunk in pipe insulation (couldn’t find tree insulation) and duct tape for the winter.  (The expressions on the faces of the Lowe’s employees were priceless as I found a solution for my dilemma and checked out.) The cold winter wind blew off my tree’s protective blanket. I prayed. I didn’t want to be a tree-killer.  This past winter was one of the worst winters we have experienced here in the Deep South in many years. I prayed and waited for spring.

Tree in Distress 5

What a difference listening to wise counsel, cutting a few cords, praying, time, and giving it –whatever “it” is– to God makes. ~DPH~


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