Water_Drop Pink rain

Thoughts on Prayer: Pink Rain (not the song)

Several years ago a dear friend of mine had a beloved relative pass on – as we say in the South. A few weeks after her sibling’s death, I asked her if she would like to go with me to take in a sunset. She said yes and off we went.  One of my favorite places to catch a sunset is on Mt. Cheaha. At an elevation of  2,407 feet it is the tallest mountain in the state of Alabama.  Cheaha State Park rests atop its peak. There is a wonderful viewing station which offers seating and a panoramic view for the evening show of God’s colorful display of beauty and splendor.

As we were ascending the mountain, praying for her grieving and broken heart to be healed and comforted, tiny drops of moisture began to fall from the sky. I knew there was a width-of-a-frog’s-hair chance of rain yet, I hadn’t prayed about the weather. Needless to say, my prayer focus began to change. Actually, I am not sure my prayers wouldn’t have been more accurately described as demands.  I reminded Him she was grieving and we were here to just take in the beauty of one of His sunsets and breathe. I also informed Him that He-being God and all – could hold off the rain until after the sunset. Itty-bitty droplets of water continued their descent from heaven. I was reminded  He causes His sun to set on the just and the unjust. And HIS rain to fall on the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45).

We remained undeterred in our quest to catch one of God’s most awe-inspiring moments. I continued my prayer/demand to withhold the rain as the sun began its retreat for the day. Scanning the horizon, I noticed a storm coming. I just knew when they(the storm and sun)collided it would be a mess. But God, I do love that phrase-had a plan. The rain and the sun’s beams did intersect. However, instead of chaos, the beauty of the evening’s show was intensified. As the sun’s rays passed through the prisms of the rain drops color came forth in the form of  pink rain!

My prayerful complaints were silenced. I confessed I did not know His ways. I acknowledged He is able to exceedingly more than I could ever ask, hope, or think (Ephesians 3:20).  I marveled at my Lord’s handiwork. I thanked Him for providing pink rain for my heart-broken friend.

Drawing deeper into the heart of God, through His son Jesus Christ, is always a journey. Enjoy!



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