An Interpreter

An Interpreter


I was reminiscing about a past mission trip to Romania a few days ago. The focal point of my ruminating was my interpreter. I couldn’t have articulated anything to the conference attendees without her. My team was encouraged to meet with our interpreters before we were to speak.  When I met with my translator, I asked about her, her family, etc. I wanted to get to know her. She lit up like a Christmas tree when she spoke of her wedding. We established camaraderie as she showed me her pictures and told me about the people in attendance at her nuptials.   It was a wonderful conversation. I thought it was important to use our limited time to get to know her rather than rehearsing my talk. We did go over it at the very end of our time just to work out any potential “kinks” in translating certain words from English to Romanian! As I recall, she did a fabulous job! She made me sound so much better than I actually was.  I believe it was because we were in sync with one another. There were several compliments given at the end. Attendees and team members were curious to know how we were able to be in such harmony with one another.  We had established a rapport and were somewhat familiar with each other’s gestures and mannerisms. The majority of what we communicate isn’t through words, is it. It is through facial expressions and gestures. My contemplations led me to another decoder of words and thoughts.

As Christ-followers, we have a translator with us 24/7. He is the Ruach HaKodesh. The breath of God. The Spirit of Truth who will speak only what he hears (John 16:13). He was sent by God. Jesus informs the disciples of His coming in John 15. He introduces Himself in Acts 1-2.  Holy Spirit intercedes (mediates, arbitrates, pleads) on our behalf when we don’t have words (Romans 8:26-27). He, like any good interpreter, is well-versed in several languages including his native one. He can take a sigh, a moan, or a groan and translate it into the language of heaven. He knows the cultural differences between the parties involved and is able to bridge the gap between them.  He then returns with a reply to our supplications, prayers, or praise.  Sometimes directly. Sometimes through reading the scripture. Sometimes through a sermon, a song or a friend. He can be very creative his delivery of God’s response.

May I encourage you to get to know Him more intimately? His the One Who comes along side of us in our Christian walk-this side of Heaven. I could not have gotten through my speech or through the two Romanian hospitals when I became ill without my mediator.  Search throughout the entire Bible to discover Him. Though not often in plain sight, He is there! Record what you find and share it with a friend. ~DPH~


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