Cleansing and Refreshing




Today was one of those days where I could have been four places at once. All were important. All were beneficial. I don’t know about you but, I can get overwhelmed when that happens. It leads to over analyzing my options. Consequently, I usually end up staying home due to the fact there is no perfect choice.

Today was different. I made a choice. The pain I had been experiencing in my shoulder  for the past week aided in my decision-making. I also have a contractual agreement where I exercise to do so at least once a week.  This week’s “weather event” here in Alabama and a water main break at Lakeshore Foundation narrowed my options to one:today.  So I gave my guilt over not being able to do everything simultaneously to the Lord and went for it. Anyone else struggle with procrastination perfectionism?  An hour and a half later, I walked out of the gym to a beautiful sun-filled-sky-blue day. The wind was warm and gentle in its greeting me as I stepped into the afternoon. I immediately felt cleansed and refreshed.  I drove away with the windows down-something I rarely do-enjoying the wind blowing my hair and simply breathing.

I didn’t know the consequence of  my choice would be to feel so at peace. I just prayed and trusted I was obeying the “holy nudge” of my Lord. This weekend take time to allow Holy Spirit to strip away some burdens and weights. You may not even be aware they are there. I wasn’t. Let Him do what He does best: cleanse and refresh.






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