Thoughts on Prayer


The Princess

Once upon a time there lived a lovely princess who loved celebrations, her horse, dresses with jewelry to match, to be twirled by her father when they danced together,  and her family; especially her father. She was an adventurous one. She rode her horse throughout her father’s land seeking new vistas to capture its beauty through her painting. She was growing into a very confident, loving, and honest young lady. She was respected among those in her father’s kingdom. She had her father’s character. She was her father’s daughter.

Her father’s kingdom was vast. Her father was a good and benevolent king. He ruled with honor, valor, justice, and grace. He had a keen sense of humor and a way of knowing what was in the heart of his subjects.  His reputation for being humble, fair, and fierce in protecting those in his kingdom was known throughout the whole earth. For this reason, those who sought to capture his people trembled at the mere mention of his name.  She was her father’s daughter. She was the apple of his eye. Her delight was in her father.

She loved celebrations. Her brother’s birthday was world-renowned for being a month-long observance. Her anticipation was growing as the big day drew near. Throughout the empire people were hosting mini galas for friends and family, shopping for the perfect gift for her brother, and baking. The smells wafting through her father’s sovereign realm were enough to put a bounce in anyone’s step and joy in their heart. The family meal was one of her favorite parts of the merry-making during her brother’s birthday.

But, the most special event in the birthday festivities was when everyone throughout the world was invited to enter the throne room of her father. She treasured this occasion in her heart. She entered her father’s throne freely; sometimes several times a day. Her father always had time for her—no matter how noteworthy the person entreating him at his throne. She was her father’s daughter.

There would be singing, wishing each other good will, and generosity on her brother’s special day. She wanted to look her absolute best. She had a great fashion sense. She knew how to make an outfit shine with just the right accessory or piece of jewelry. She was her mother’s daughter.  Yet, this year she was having a most difficult time finding the right dress. She searched the entire breadth of her father’s kingdom for the perfect attire for such a joyous occasion.  No such garment was to be found. She tried to keep her disappointment to herself. Only her grandmother noticed. Grandmothers seem to sense things about their grandchildren when no one else can. She knew her granddaughter’s favorite colors, fabrics, and fashion style. She was her Grandmother’s granddaughter. She had been diligently working on just the right gown for her granddaughter in anticipation of her grandson’s birthday.

It had layers of pink sparkling fabric with just the right hint of purple. The skirt connected to the bodice just above the waist and flowed effortlessly to the ground. Of course, it had princess sleeves! It had a lovely matching hat. It was perfect! The princess was in awe.She could not wait to enter her father’s throne room in this dress!

The day finally arrived. Everyone from the entire kingdom was in the enormous throne room. She put on her gown. She had never felt so regal and beautiful in all her life. Her walk even changed. She became more graceful and fluid in her stride. She opened the gilded oak throne room doors.  All in attendance turned to welcome her. They were so complementary of her gown and beauty. She was gracious in receiving their praise.  The throng bowed as she passed through them on her way to her father’s seat. The path she created through the multitude was glowing. The crowd marveled. They were also delighted. Due to the vast dimensions of the throne room, it would take several hours to reach the king in order to pay one’s respect to him. She knew the most direct path to ascend her father’s throne. Her approach lit the way.  She was her father’s daughter.

She knew in her heart of hearts this was the best birthday party she had ever celebrated with her brother. She fell asleep in her father’s arms still dressed in her sparkly gown content, happy, and thankful. The king carried her to her bed chamber. He tucked into to her bed with her magnificent gown still on.  She was her father’s daughter.

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