Thoughts on Prayer: Through New Lenses


Through New Lenses

 I had my eyes examined today. It has been three years…likely more. I avoid doctors. They never seem to have news I desire to hear. Maybe you are not of a “certain age” where you have heard more than one physician say, “For a woman, your age…”.

Today was no exception. I knew my vision had changed. I am nearsighted. It was becoming increasingly difficult to read my TV viewing options while scrolling through the channels from the comfort of my sofa. Squinting, with my glasses on, was no longer accomplishing this task. I was beginning to stand close to the TV in hope of deciphering a few words.

I was curious about how much my vision had changed. The optometrist used one of her instruments to show me. She provided lenses from my old prescription as well as from my new one. Wow! I was surprised I had been able to see at all. The new  lenses provided me with much clearer vision. I was no longer having to guess if one particular letter was a “c” or an “o” during the exam.

How is your eye sight– spiritually speaking? It is so easy to adapt to poor vision. There are several ways we have can our vision checked. The word of God aka the Bible, prayer, and journaling are great places to start. Friends who can bring your blind spots to your attention are invaluable in maintaining healthy spiritual eye sight. Check in regularly at your church. Don’t forget to keep your lenses clean through confessing when you mess up to God. Make amends to anyone who may be involved, also.

May God grant you clear vision and keen eyesight to see him more clearly, distinctly and vividly.



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