Thoughts on Prayer: Burden

houghts on Prayer : Burden

  In a prayer meeting last night my pastor led a portion of the service where he invited us the altar to lay our burdens there. It was at this point he mentioned  we, as sheep, are not made to carry burdens. I had a deeper revelation of that truth. I had been praying over several matters for sometime…years actually. I had given my well rehearsed list to the Lord in prayer many times–just in case my all-knowing, eternal Father in heaven had forgotten. I recited these requests which were pressing heavily upon my heart Wednesday night as well. I released something else to him that night: the weight of the  burden of those requests.

  My pastor wisely stated we are not made to bear burdens. The 23rd Psalm references sheep and their shepherd. Jesus likens himself to the good shepherd in the New Testament. He encourages us to be yoked with him so our burdens won’t be so heavy. Actually, as we learn from him, our burdens will be light. Sometimes we don’t even realize we have adapted to an unhealthy situation or relationship. We have ceased thriving and are just  surviving. It isn’t until we have a moment, no matter how brief, to take a breath and just be with our Lord that we see our situation/relationship in a new light or perspective. (When this happens, be prepared for strong emotions. You will need a plan and support group to navigate through the choppy waves of feelings and thoughts generated.)

  This week Jesus is inviting you to simply come to him. Let him carry the load. Lay the weight of your burden on his very strong, big, and capable shoulders. Seek out prayer and support from those who are trustworthy. Read Psalm 23 and Matthew 11:28-30.



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