The Art of Camaraderie

This is a piece I wrote for High Noon Stress Busters.

The Art of Camaraderie

Did you know camaraderie and your bedroom have a lot in common? The root “cama” is Spanish for bed.[i]  Your bedroom tends to be the place where you can breathe. It is the site of intimacy, fun, rest and perhaps reflection. It is the one place where one’s outward appearance, clothes and makeup, comes off and their vulnerable soft side emerges. It is an alcove for intimacy and therefore, a safe place to fall.  Precious few will share this space with you. So it is with camaraderie. It too provides a haven for safety, protection, relationship and face-to-face time. And if you fall, there will be someone to come along side and lift you up. It takes time, practice and consistency to develop the art of camaraderie in and out of the bedroom.

It is rare. Our stressful busy lives, loss of community and mobile society have contributed to this art form being difficult to grasp and maintain. Social media has diminished our time once reserved for a chat over a cup of coffee or dinner…or even the phone.  More people know about us without really knowing us. We are more socially connected to others and yet, more emotionally disconnected. An entire generation is being raised who doesn’t know how to have an eye-to-eye conversation with another human being. Is there hope? Yes!

Perhaps a lesson in growing tomatoes will show us the way. Good soil, sun, water and time are basic components in growing healthy tomatoes. Then there is the stake. The stake is some sort of pole to which the plant can be loosely tied.  Staking a plant helps it breathe stress-free by bearing the plant’s weight. The stake provides a measure of disease prevention by keeping the leaves and the fruit off the ground. The stake gives the plant stability. A committed relationship is necessary between the stake and plant to produce healthy fruit. If we are to grow healthy and strong we need time to develop the art of camaraderie with those to whom we are staked. Enjoy the journey.



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