Thoughts on Prayer: Twenty-four Bales of Pine Straw

Thoughts on Prayer: Twenty-four bales of Pine Straw

Isaiah 65:24

Pine straw

I didn’t even pray. I merely had a note-to-self type thought: “Pick up pine straw from Wal-Mart”. I was backing out of my driveway one morning on the way to a substitute teaching position and saw the flower beds could use some sprucing up. I was in the early stages of separation/divorce with no income. The level of bewilderment and pain was very high. I describe that season of my life as feeling as though my skin had been fileted from my body without the benefit of anesthesia. Ouch! But God…. I love how He changes everything-espescially me.

I did not tell anyone. As I mentioned, I didn’t even tell God of my need. At least it wasn’t expressed in the traditional prayer opening : “Dear Lord” or “Father” etc. nor did the thought end with, “Amen” or “In Jesus’ name.” I would get the pine straw as funding allowed.

I cannot remember if a few days had passed or if a week had gone by. I recall returning from another substitute teaching opportunity to find twenty-four bales of pine straw sitting in my front yard. There was no note attached. No receipt. No identification of any kind regarding their origins or to whom they were intended. Thinking they might have been delivered to the wrong address, I waited for their rightful owner to come and get them. My neighbor waited, too. Finally, he informed me if I wasn’t going to put them to good use…he was. I spread those bales throughout the bedding in my front and back yards. I shared the remaining straw with my neighbor. There was more than enough. Isn’t that just like God? It provided a testimony to God’s faithfulness and provision. Before I asked God answered. While I was still speaking he heard. God knows our every need before we ask. His answer is on the way. May we have eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts and minds to know and understand the form in which he sends his reply. This week record answered prayer. Note time and timing, form in which the answer came, day, hour, who was involved, feelings, thoughts, etc.  Share it with a friend. ~DPH~

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