Thoughts on Prayer: Daddy and the Weekly Reader

Thoughts on Prayer: Daddy and the Weekly Reader

I have loved to read most of my life. I have even stolen money to purchase a book I wanted. Confession is good for the soul but, bad for the reputation. I was in first or second grade. The Weekly Reader, a newspaper for children, had just been passed out. I enjoyed perusing its content. I recall asking my mother for a quarter for a particular book. She refused my request. I must have coveted this book because I stole a quarter out of her purse. I also must have thought I had gotten away with my crime. However, our sins will find us out, won’t they? Mine did.

Somehow my mother found out and was furious with me. I experienced one of those: “What until your father gets home!” scoldings. I was dreading the fateful arrival of my daddy. I knew my days upon the earth were soon to be over. However, Daddy’s response was completely different than my mother or I anticipated. He asked me if I took the quarter. I nodded in the affirmative. “Squirt”, he said calling me by his nickname for me, “didn’t you know you could come to me for the money?” I don’t know who was more in shock: my mother or me! My mother was not happy with his response-at all!  The fact I could come to my father with a request was news to me. He worked long hours. When he was home, he was usually asleep. Consequently, I don’t recall having too much interaction/conversation with him while growing up. I learned a lot about mercy in that moment. I believe he reimbursed my mother…who was still not too happy with him or me at the time.

How often do we/I seek to meet our needs and desires apart from asking our heavenly Father for them or the means to obtain them? The instances where I have not sought my Father’s heart or counsel on something I have desired or needed have been costly. These occasions have ended in sorrow, regret and discontentment.

Father has a question for you and me this week:  My child, didn’t you know you could come to me?

May we have ears to hear, eyes to see, hearts and minds to know and understand when He speaks this week. May you hear his gentle loving call. May know his life-changing kindness even, especially, when you don’t deserve it.

Isaiah 30:8; Luke 11:11-13; Matthew 7:7-11; James 1:13-18; Matthew 11:28-30

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