Thoughts on Prayer: The Promise Keeper

Thoughts on Prayer: The Promise Keeper

Joshua 21:43-45

What are the attributes of a promise keeper? Rare is the first word which comes to mind. Other qualities are focused, visionary, faithful, steadfast, able, dedicated, resourceful, trustworthy, honest, approachable, creative, follow through. The list could go on. You are encouraged to add the list. Would you like to have someone who exhibits these traits involved in your life? Count yourself blessed and fortunate if you do.

Israel did. They had the LORD. He fulfilled every good promise he had spoken to the nation of Israel. The word good in verse 45 leapt off the page while praying over what to write about this week. What does good mean in this verse? My trusty Hebrew resource[1] provides some insight. Some of the connotations are: be well, be pleasing, be happy, be beneficial, of good quality, moral goodness, practical good, economic good. From the above list moral goodness caught my eye.

Consider: if God were not intrinsically good… if he were not holy in his goodness would we be able to trust him? The fact that he is holy and therefore, his goodness is holy ensures our well-being. He is the ultimate promise keeper. He displayed his faithfulness to Israel time and time again beginning with Abram, in and out of Egypt, through the wilderness, entering the Promised Land and conquering Israel’s enemies in her land of promise. Not one of his good promises failed… (Joshua 21:45). Neither will his covenant cease with us. He didn’t even spare his own son but gave him up for all of us! Will he not, with him (his son) give us all things (Romans 8 esp. vs. 32)?

I am reminded of something I read in C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. One of the children asks Mr. Beaver if Aslan, the lion who represents Jesus in the book, is safe. Mr. Beaver replies, “Safe?”… “Who said anything about safe?” “Course he isn’t safe. But he is good….” 

May you come to know his goodness and holiness in new ways and depths. May you be able to testify that not one of his magnificent promises has failed you.

Be blessed in the name of your faithful, visionary, true, just, holy and good covenant keeping God.  LORD Adonai is his name.


P.S. Thoughts on Prayer: A Journey in the Land of Father’s Love is now in production. The book is taking shape.

[1] The Complete Word Study Old Testament, Zodhiates; pg 2330.


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