Thoughts on Prayer: A Bowl Full

Thoughts on Prayer: A Bowl Full

Revelation 5:8; 8:1-5

Heaven is an amazing place. There is praise and worship 24/7-literally. The 24 elders are constantly casting crowns at the feet of the Lamb of God. It must be colorful. (Revelation 4) Thunder rumbling and lightning flashing seem to be a common occurrence. Trumpets sound quite often, also. Streets are paved with gold. Have you checked the price of gold lately? Here on earth, we place a high value on gold and would never be so extravagant as to cover our roads with it. The fragrance of heaven must be lovely as incense is often used in worship.  There are prayer censers in heaven.  An angel will mix quite a bit of incense in with the prayers of the saints in these censers. Our prayers, fused with all sorts of spices, ascend the throne of heaven as a sweet-smelling aroma. The angel will take fire from the altar and fill the censer with it. Then he hurls the fire from the altar combined with the aromatic prayers of the saint to earth. The earth is rocked. Read Revelation 8.

Our prayers matter. I have often thought of these censers as bowls. I like to think there are prayer bowls for all the countries, people groups, families, issues, wars, national and international leaders, individuals, and causes just waiting to be filled so the answers can be poured out in the earth. This weekend is a great opportunity to fill some prayer bowls. The Day of Atonement is being observed in the Jewish faith. In the Southeast corner of the United States sit the states of Alabama and Georgia. In the city of Birmingham, AL, two women’s conferences will be held. Interestingly enough the topic is the same for both: breaking free of bondages and walking in the grace of God. The Birmingham Prayer Furnace is hosting Re-digging the Wells, a day of prayer and fasting for the city of Birmingham. In Atlanta, GA there will be a group of women hosting a prayer vigil over the issue of human trafficking. Interesting, don’t you think?

I am sure there other events going on which need prayer as well. This weekend seems to provide a significant opportunity for prayer on key issues which affect us not only individually, but globally. This week ask the Lord into which prayer bowl/s he would like to add your prayers. It may or may not be one of the ones listed above. Pray with expectancy knowing your prayers are rising to the very throne of the One, True and Living God. I personally, imagine he delights in taking a really deep breath when they reach his nostrils and ever so slowly exhaling. Look out! Your prayers may just rock somebody’s world.


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