Thoughts on Prayer: Suspension of Natural Law

Thoughts on Prayer: Suspension of Natural Law

Joshua 10

Challenging. This is the word which comes to mind as I have been praying and considering what to say regarding Joshua speaking to the Lord concerning the sun and moon standing still for approximately 12-24 hours. God complied. All of Israel was listening. All of Israel watched. Even now, I am sitting at the keyboard of my laptop just nodding my head….The narrative states this is the first and last time God -please consider Who God is- obeyed the voice of a man.(Joshua 10:14) God obeyed. Why?

The ramifications are mind-boggling. There is cause and effect in natural law, is there not? While the sun was shining on one part of the globe, it was dark on the other side. Tides would have been disrupted. The sleep patterns of animals would have been interrupted. The normal functioning of the world was thrown out of balance for a period of time. But, Joshua needed some extra time to defeat the enemies of Israel. So he instructed God to stop time in its tracks. God obeyed.

As I have prayed and repeatedly read this chapter over the last week one portion of scripture has stood out to me: “….For the LORD fought for Israel.”(Joshua 10:14) LORD is his covenantal name with Israel. A great exchange is made in covenant. Part of that transaction involves each party agreeing to take on the other’s enemies. This is what God consented to when he made covenant with Abram. Actually, God covenanted with himself. See Genesis 15. He is very passionate and intentional in keeping his promises, isn’t he?

If you are in Christ, you are in covenant with God. It is a blood covenant. It was made between God and his son, Jesus when Jesus died on a cross. He shed his blood to bring you into covenant with his Father. God has literally moved heaven and earth to bring you to himself. There is no good thing he will withhold from you, his beloved child. He has your best interests at heart. As he fought for Israel, he will fight for you. I have a suggestion: Surrender. Give him everything and let him do the rest. Oh, when Joshua and his men had defeated their enemies…they returned to the place where their reproach had initially been rolled away. It was the place where they re-established covenant with God upon entering their Promised Land. They returned to their base camp at Gilgal. This week read through Joshua and note when the Israelites returned to Gilgal. Be blessed in the name of your covenant keeping God: YHWH.



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