Thoughts on Prayer: Are You a P.I.T.?

Are You a P.I.T.?

Do you ever feel like your circumstances will never change? Oh, you are doing everything within your power to bring about change: you are seeking good counsel and following it, making the necessary changes to get where you want to be but, you are seeing the same scenery over and over and over again. Ever ask God: Why? Maybe not out loud so anyone can hear but, what about in a whisper or a sigh? We can’t see, know or understand everything this side of heaven. However, you might be in a very special place. You could say God has carved out a special time and circumstance for you. You might be what I have heard called, a P.I.T.: Person In Training. Joseph was.

Joseph was the baby of the family. He had eleven older brothers. There has been much written on birth order. The first-born is the leader. Many presidents and astronauts are first-born. They do things by the book. The middle child is the mediator. He/she can get lost in the family. The baby is the favorite. They are charming, witty, and funny and get away with a whole lot more than their older siblings ever did. This can be annoying to those older siblings. It can even breed jealousy and envy. Maybe even make the older brothers want to get rid of the baby should the opportunity arise. This very situation was brewing among Israel’s sons. He would send Joseph, not more than seventeen at the time, to check on his brothers. Joseph was to tell his father if they were working or not. The Bible also states that Joseph was his father’s favorite and how his brothers felt about that (Genesis 37:3-4 NIV). To make matters worse for Joseph, God gifted him with the ability to dream and the ability to interpret them. Joseph freely shared his dreams. One foretold of how his brothers would bow to him one day. (Genesis 37:5-11NIV) Whether he was being boastful and goading his brothers on with regards to his dreams or not; they sure didn’t like idea of bowing to their little brother! The brothers dug a pit and put Joseph in it. They were going to kill him. However, seeing a caravan passing by they decided to sell him. This is ultimately how Joseph arrived in Egypt. How did his brothers explain the beloved missing baby brother to their aged and elderly father? An animal had torn him to shreds. Their evidence was the blood stained tunic Israel had made for his favored son.

Joseph ended up in a pit, of sorts, in Egypt. He was pulled from the pit his brothers dug, put in the caravan mentioned earlier and sold in Egypt as a slave. Joseph would stay in and out of a pit for a while. Joseph started out with favor from Potiphar, the captain of the bodyguard. The Lord was with Joseph and caused all he touched to prosper. Potiphar recognized God’s hand on Joseph (Genesis 39:3) Potiphar promoted Joseph to overseer over his house and all he owned (Genesis 39:4). He was a handsome young man, also. Joseph’s good looks were not overlooked by Potiphar’s wife. Day after day she tried to woo Joseph. One day no one was home but her and Joseph. She tried to woo him again. He escaped. He was barely clothed, however. Spurned and with his garment in hand, Mrs. Potiphar approached her husband with a lie concerning how she came to be in possession of Joseph’s clothing. Burning with anger, Potiphar threw Joseph in jail, much like a pit. Again, the Lord was with Joseph. He found favor with the chief jailer. Again, whatever Joseph did prospered. It was in the pit, Joseph met Pharaoh’s cup-bearer and chief baker. Joseph was put in charge of them. While in prison the cup-bearer and baker had dreams which Joseph interpreted. His interpretations were true: The cup-bearer was restored to service. The baker was hanged. Before leaving the pit, Joseph asked the cup-bearer to remember him favorably before Pharaoh. The cup-bearer forgot. Two years passed. Pharaoh had a dream. The cup-bearer remembered Joseph. He is brought before Pharaoh to interpret his dream. Joseph interprets the dream correctly. Joseph is put in charge of Pharaoh’s house and all the land of Egypt. The realities of Pharaoh’s dreams were fulfilled: there were years of plenty followed by famine in the land. Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream enabled Egypt to prepare for it. Famine ultimately sent Joseph’s family, including his father and younger brother, Benjamin, to Egypt. In a series of events which can be found in Genesis 42-48, Joseph is restored to his family and his father, Israel. His father blesses Joseph’s Egyptian born sons. His family is offered choice land in Egypt. Joseph is able to bury his father, Jacob.

Are you in a place where you are not being used to your fullest potential? Are you confined and restrained in fully expressing your giftings and call upon your life? Are you doing your job to the best of your ability and still being overlooked? Ignored, even? Be encouraged! You are a Person In Training. Look around, be faithful in little and in much. Continue to live honorably where you are. Joseph did not give up. Note: he asked the cup-bearer to remember him before Pharaoh. Don’t you give up. Continue asking the Lord to remember you. Ask him to show you what you need to learn in this present situation. What tools, skills, and connections is he equipping you with? The pit is a place of preparation for your future and destiny. Acknowledge him in all situations. Joseph acknowledged before Pharaoh it was God who gave him his ability to interpret dreams. Ask the Lord if there is anything you need to release to him? Bitterness, anger, disappointment, despair, envy, pity, etc. No one seeks to fall into a pit. Being in one can bring up some surprisingly strong and sometimes hidden emotions, thoughts, motives, etc.

This week thank God for where you are. Thank him for the good purposes and plans for your life. Joseph acknowledged what his brothers meant for evil; God meant for good. Make a Morning Declaration. Feel free to use the following example, but do not stop here. Draft your own.

This morning, I am thankful for the good purposes and plan God has for my life. I am my Father’s child. He is for me and not against me. My present situation has not caught him by surprise. Today, my God will go before me and prepare the way. I am thankful for the people he will bring across my path today. I will be sensitive to the leading of his Spirit. My God has not given me a spirit of fear but, of power, love and a sound mind (1 Timothy  1:7 KJV). I need not fear anyone or anything today. Today I am free to walk in freedom, to love others well and make sound, wise decisions. Whom the son has set free is free indeed-regardless of circumstances (John 8:36). Write down how God is working in your life. Share it with a friend.


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