Thoughts on Prayer: Scaling the Heights

 Thoughts on Prayer: Scaling the Heights

1. Donkey saddled: check

2. Traveling companions: check

3. Split wood for offering: check

4. Obedience to the call of God: check

5: Your only son whom you love: check

Check list complete, Abraham was ready to begin his journey to sacrifice on the mountain God would show him. The travel party arrived at the mountain. The traveling companions were told to wait with the donkey while Abraham and Isaac went to worship on the mountain of the Lord. Abraham stated he and his son would return. Abraham and his son walked together to worship the Lord.

Along the way Isaac noticed something was missing…the sacrifice. Everything else was there: wood carried by Isaac, Abraham had the fire and the sacrificial knife. Abraham responded: the Lord Himself would provide the sacrificial lamb. And Abraham and his son continued to walk together.

At God’s designated spot, Abraham built an altar and tied his only son, whom he loved, to the altar. He raised his knife ready to sacrifice ALL that God had promised him in obedience to that same God telling him to sacrifice his only son whom he loved. Thankfully, God interrupted him, and did indeed provide the burnt offering. Abraham and his son worshipped God. Abraham named the place: The Lord Will Provide. The Lord reaffirmed his promise to Abraham of countless offspring.

I have to wonder: was Abraham’s voice steady or did it quiver at any point? Was his hand steady as he raised that knife over his only son whom he loved? Did he question anything he had heard? What about Isaac? Twice scripture states He and his father walked together. Amos 3:3 asks: Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?  Was Isaac in agreement with his father while he was being tied to the altar?  I have these questions because this is more than a Sunday School story. It’s a truthful account of events in the lives of real people in real-time. Human beings just like us. Yet, God…do love that phrase…kept His promise. The sacrifice was provided on the Lord’s mountain. Abraham scaled the heights in the land of Father’s Love (Ephesians 3:14-21) to discover His provision. His son also discovered God will keep His promise. He is our covenant keeping God.

We will be tested on our journey deeper into the land of Father’s Love. Thankfully, we have good examples to follow. This week may you recall precious promises from His word. May you know more deeply your help comes from the Lord (Psalm 121).May you find Him as your refuge (Psalm 18). May He be your very PRESENT help in your time of need (Psalm 46). As you walk with Him, up the side of His Mountain of Provision, may you learn of Him and grow to trust Him in the midst of trails and tests. May you learn to worship Him in and through the tests and trails of life…one step at a time. May you know His joy in your journey. It will strengthen you. ~DPH~


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