Thoughts on Prayer: I Have a Suggestion

Thoughts on Prayer: I Have a Suggestion

Suggestion, according to Webster, is the act or process of something such as an idea, attitude or desired action upon the mind of another (person). When we make a suggestion to someone concerning a way of doing something or solving a problem, we are offering our assistance…at least that’s what I’d like to think I am doing. My “case in point” needs some back ground: many years ago my siblings and I attempted to sell our family home many times. When we finally had an offer that looked like it was going through, my sons’ dad informed them we were going to Walt Disney World. My question to God was: “On whose nickel?” Too many failed offers on the family home had taught me not to plan anything until I had check in hand and the new owners had the keys.

So I set about “assisting” God with getting us to Walt Disney World. I made lists upon lists of how much it would cost to camp and/or stay at various locations. My research proved one thing: it’s expensive. I then noticed a change in attitude which occurred around 6ish every evening Monday-Friday. It was about this time my sons’ dad would walk through the door. They were delighted to see him. I was not. Now when you are a stay-at-home-mom and the Calvary comes through the door to save the day, you are excited to see them. So I knew there was a problem. I took it to the Lord and confessed my sin. I acknowledged that I didn’t know how my kids were going to Walt Disney World. I acknowledged I wasn’t happy to see their dad.  I also acknowledged, for me, I didn’t care if we went or not; I just wanted my sons to know He is faithful. However He wanted to demonstrate His faithfulness to them was fine with me. Not too long after that the house finally sold. Not too long after that I received a phone call from a new friend. So new, in fact, it took her a while to find my number. She stated her family had a timeshare and normally went to the Smokey’s. But that year they were going to Walt Disney World. Would we like to join them? (I cried.) We did. The round trip cost far less than anything I had calculated. So much for God needing my help and suggestions.  We made lifelong friends.

Abram and Sarai offered their suggestions to God as to how He might supply the seed for this huge family God promised them. Abram suggested his heir, Eliezer. (Genesis 15:2) Sarai laughed (Genesis 18) at the absurdity of a barren aged woman having a baby and offered Hagar (Genesis 16:-4). Hagar gave birth to Ishmael.  Even though God had reminded Abram that his heir would come from his own body, both he and his wife offered God assistance in solving their barrenness. It was ten years later when, through another covenant (Genesis 17), God opened Sarah’s womb and she along with her husband, Abraham, conceived Isaac. It was at this time God gave Abram (high father) and Sarai (princess) new names. They were now Abraham (father of a multitude) and Sarah (mother of nations). The time of the fulfillment of God’s promise had come. He gave them new identities to match their new names. They were walking in their calling. Sarah gave birth to Isaac (He will laugh). God had the last laugh.

God will fulfill His promises. He is absolutely confident in Himself and His abilities to do so. His timing is perfect. This week as we continue counting stars and recording His promises, reflect upon where He has met you over the years as you and He have walked together. Ask Him if you are trying to “assist” Him with fulfilling any promises yet to be fulfilled. I have a suggestion :)…give it/them to Him. Let Him decide how best to fulfill His promise to you. Relinquish control. May you see Him as your provider this week. Your promise keeper. May He give you eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart and mind to know and understand He is able. May you be blessed with His peace; His Shalom as you walk this leg in the land of His love for you. ~DPH~

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