Thoughts on Prayer: Land! HO!

Thoughts on Prayer: Land  HO!


When the Lord blesses someone, or something like land or a day it is set apart for a special use. Today let’s take a look at Abram’s life. In Abram’s family there was Terah, his father, his two brothers, Sarai, his wife, and his nephew Lot. Lot’s father passed away while they were in the land of Ur. When Terah was about 70 he gathered his family and set out for Canaan. They didn’t make it to Canaan, however. Scripture tells us they settled in Harran. Tereh died in Harran at 205. For 135 years they settled short of reaching their promised land. I am sure God used that time. I am sure His purposes were accomplished for that season. Yet, settling wasn’t in God’s overall plan for Abram and his family. Chapter 11 of Genesis closes with the death of Abram’s father. Genesis 12 opens with God giving Abram directions for the next leg of his journey. God blesses him with being a great nation, a great name and land…land he has already been given. Sounds great doesn’t it?! But, he has to leave the familiar. God tells him to leave his land, his people, his father’s people and go to the land He has for him. Leave what he has known for the past 135 years more or less. Think about what it would be like to dig up those roots and move on! They set out for their original destination Canaan. Abram was faithful to the call of God upon his life. So he went. At each leg of the journey Abram was faithful to build an altar to the Lord. It was one of the first things he did. Fast forward to Genesis 13:14-18. A lot of miles, family quarrels, famine, trying to pass his wife off as his sister(never a good idea), etc. had taken place.(When God sets us apart for His blessings and purposes there is a time of preparation, isn’t there?). It is in these verses that God says, “Here’s your land for your offspring I have promised you and your barren wife. Go take a walk through it.” Read it out loud for yourself. Abram has arrived. Finally. Imagine what it must have been like to take that first step into his promise when he placed one dusty sandaled foot into the Promised Land. Did he dance a jig? Did he fall down and worship? God told him to walk the length and breadth of it. I don’t know how many acres that would have been. I just know it was a lot! A blessing in the Bible always involves land. 

So what about today? Where is our promised land we get to walk out in awe and wonder of how great our God is? I have a suggestion. It’s found in Ephesians 3: 14-20. It’s the Land of the Father’s Love. What sort of equipment will you need to go to the heights? The air gets really thin at high altitudes. Travel lightly would be a common recommendation from those to have gone before. What about the depths? Night goggles to see treasures in the darkness, perhaps. What if you encounter an underwater cave while in the depths of his love? You’ll need oxygen, a mask and light for sure. To span the length and breadth of his love, one would need a real good pair of shoes, a walking stick, and water at the bare minimum. What are your thoughts as you are about to cross over and begin your journey deeper into Father’s heart for you? Perhaps you’ve realized you have “settled” just outside your promised land. Today is the day to gather only that which is necessary for this next phase your journey. Take a journal with you. When you come to a place on the journey where you can take some time to catch your breath, pull it out write what He shows you about His vast expansive love for you. Note any boundary lines. Check and see if they aren’t for your protection. Share your findings with a friend. Abram’s extended family grew, his flocks grew, and he gained wealth and resources on his journey. 

May you be blessed in the name of the God of Abraham (his new name), Isaac and Jacob to seek out, possess and explore the land He has for you.  ~DPH~


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