Thoughts on Prayer: Off with the Old…On with the New

Thoughts on Prayer: Off with the Old…On with the New

I need a new knee. I have needed one for about 3 years now; likely longer. I had it scoped about two years ago at an outpatient surgery center. My orthopedic surgeon said he would have replaced it at that time if I had been in a hospital. He also said he’d seen grown men cry with the condition it is in. But…it doesn’t hurt. Really hasn’t for most of the last three years.  The tendons around it are sore but, I have very good range of motion and am pain-free for the most part. I have received a LOT of prayer for its healing over the last few years. Over the last few months it has become bothersome. So I know it’s time to do something about it. Then just two weeks ago I had a change in thought patterns. I was sharing with someone in my congregation about my knee. Her comment: “You don’t need it healed. You need a new knee.”  Mindset changing! I began asking the Lord how to proceed.  His response: “Off with the old. On with the new. Off with the old. On with the new.” My congregation has healing services on a regular basis. This past Friday one such service was offered. Rabbi stated those very words when he prayed for my new knee, cartilage and tendons. No matter how it happens, I have a quiet confidence that I am indeed healed.  I am no longer anxious about the condition of my knee.  I am free to embrace the future more fully and openly.

My knee is symbolic of the need to take something off, as in get rid of, to make way for something new…something better. Old mindsets can be hindering. They can delay and even prevent us reaching our fullest destiny in Christ this side of heaven. They can keep us going around the same mountain and scenery for a good 40 years without realizing we are in a rut. The Lord wants to give us something new where the old way of doing things just isn’t working anymore.  Something better. This week, ask the Lord what is hindering your walk with the Lord. Seek the Him on how to let it go. Ask Him to name it.  Resurrection and new life are just around the corner. Jesus left His grave-clothes in the grave. What will we leave there to embrace the new thing He wants to do in our life? This week may God grant us new tracks for new thoughts to run on as He renews our mind according to His Word and His empowering Spirit. Isaiah 43:16-2; Romans 12:1-2; 2 Corinthians 5:17.  Write down what He impresses upon your heart through prayer and His word. Share it with a friend.

(Author’s note: This “Thought was written in April 2012)



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