Thoughts on Prayer: Tarry in Prayer

                                                                                                  Tarry in Prayer
I wasn’t going to stay for prayer Sunday night. I didn’t have an “urging” or “leading” to do so. It wasn’t that I didn’t have any prayer requests. I have a laundry list. There just wasn’t anything new on the list. My #1 request has been prayed over for years. But, a friend suggested I “tarry” in prayer and see if the Lord would have me go forward to have someone on the prayer team pray for me. Her word “tarry”  caught my ear. So I stayed…not knowing why. Wondering if I should.
Tarry means to delay or be tardy in action or going; linger in expectation; abide in or stay at a place. Synonyms for tarry are: abide, hang around and dwell. (I tend to be a word junkie.)
It was my turn. It was exactly what I needed. I saw where I had lost focus and gotten a bit off course. Some things were clarified for me and made more sense.  I saw fear had been a hindrance in an area where I thought it had already been dealt a death-blow. All because I “tarried” just a little while longer in prayer.
Jesus asked His disciples to “tarry” with Him in prayer, too. (You find the word in the King James Version…I checked.) He was in a battle that was off the charts. He thought He was going to die from the crushing weight of the burden He was carrying. He wanted a little support from His friends while He went to His Father about this cup He being asked to drink. He asked them to pray for Him.  They had a most difficult time staying awake. Actually, they couldn’t keep their eyes open. Jesus came back to check on them 3 times and 3 times they were asleep.(Matthew 26:37-39)
Tarrying in prayer takes endurance. One needs staying power to hang in there during this type of praying. The enemy must know break through is near or there wouldn’t be such resistance, would there? Jesus was very near in going to the cross to take on the sins of the world. Resurrection was just on the other side of His sacrifice.
What is just on the other side of break through for you? Tarry in prayer till it comes. Linger in expectation while you talk with your Father about it. Ask your Father for the vision of it.(Hosea 2:2-3) Check it out against scripture.
Finally, ask a friend to “tarry” with you. I know I am thankful to the friend who encouraged me to linger in expectation Sunday night.(James 5:16) Linger with Him a while in prayer this week – break through is on the other side. Invite a friend to join you. It will strengthen and encourage you while you wait.

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