Thoughts on Prayer

      I thought I would continue with the theme of “Hearing  vs. Listening” this week because I have a few thoughts on it and a VERY recent object lesson from my personal life. The object lesson is at the end. (God has a sense of humor.) Have you ever felt off balanced, dazed, confused, going around in circles, not able to walk a straight line,etc? It just might have something to do with your hearing.
      Hearing is a complex ability. Just Google the word and read about it for yourself. Our God is a master engineer of the miraculous. Yet, those of us who can hear give it little thought. So allow me to break down this very complex engineering feat to into simple language.
      Hearing gives direction. We turn toward the sound we are hearing, do we not? Hearing provides sight. As we turn toward the sound we are hearing we see the object/person making the noise. Hearing provides direction. Depending on who or what we see we will:  move toward the object/person; stay where we are or move away. Notice that an action is required once we’ve heard. (Pause and think on that one.)  Hearing provides balance and equilibrium. If you can sit upright thank God for the vestibular part of your ear. It’s the reason you can. I have had personal experience with this portion of the ear not working. Couldn’t sit upright for months, much less walk. But…God heals.:)
    The opposite of hearing is not hearing. One is considered deaf if they can’t hear. We miss out on sooo many wonderful sounds, sights and opportunities if we are “deaf” to hearing God speak to us by His word, and Spirit. Case in point. I knew my sister was going to stop by this afternoon to help arrange my little den. I have an idea of what I want to do with it but, just need a second opinion. Somewhere in the writing of this Thought on Prayer, another thought entered:”I haven’t heard my phone ring/buzz today.” I realized I left it in the car. Missed 2 calls and a text.
The text was from my sister. She didn’t have her door key and could I let her in. Called her. She said she rang the doorbell. I didn’t believe her. I live in a quaint home(translate small) and have a lab/mix who barks at EVERYTHING near my front yard. I just knew the bell wasn’t working. Tested it. It does. I started laughing out loud with my sister on the phone. I shared with her about my writing on “hearing” in prayer. She laughed too…as only a sister can when God uses her sibling as the object lesson on “hearing” Him in prayer.:). So here’s my summation on not hearing God
in prayer: Not hearing=missed visitation.
    May God bless you this week with ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts and minds to know and understand what He is saying. May He visit each of you this week Listen out for Him, as we say in the South, for surely He will come.
Matthew 11:15;13:9,43; Luke 5:15; Mark 4:24; John 10:27

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