Thoughts on Prayer: Hearing vs. Listening


  “You haven’t heard a single/blind/… word I’ve said!!!!” 

 Have you heard the above before?  From a former spouse? Child? Co-worker? Friend? Counselor?   It may be true.  Now take a deep breath before deleting and… “listen” me out. Hearing can be defined as perceiving sound by the ear. It occurs naturally without effort or thought; unless you are hearing impaired or deaf. (Not going down that rabbit trail!!) But…listening is altogether another matter. Listening requires concentration. Your brain needs your concentration/focused attention on what you are hearing so it can process meaning from words and sentences.  Listening is active and therefore, requires your full participation. It involves not only hearing sound but, the tone and volume of that sound also. It necessitates seeing and observing the other person’s facial expressions, movements, etc.  Listening is a choice.  Listening leads to learning.   Think about that last sentence before moving on too quickly, please. 

This week ask the Lord how He speaks to you. Is there a sound that turns your ear to His voice?  How do you hear Him best?  Are you outside? Are you in a quiet place? Are you moving, sitting still, etc.? Are you reading His word? Worshiping or praising Him? Just talking to Him or someone else when a new thought or way of looking at something for which you have been praying enters the mind? Are you awakened in the early morning hours? Does clarity arrive after that first or second cup of coffee? Are you in the shower when the revelation comes?

Driving your car or motorcycle on a favorite road?  No right or wrong answer here.   

Listen for His answer. Write it down. Share it with a Friend.

Blessing each of you with ears to hear, eyes to see, hearts and mind to know and understand.



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